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Why Partner with Style to Design

Styling is an essential marketing differentiator for Agents. As a listing agent, your listings are your resume for future business. Your listings are what also attract sellers to you as an Agent. Does your listing represent the future business you want to attract? Do you have a strong buyer value proposition? Our systems are proven and ready to help you get started. Let KW Style to Design be your resource for Styling, Design, and Marketing your value proposition.

We believe these added value propositions can help you beat your competition when it comes to winning a listing appointment and/or maintaining an ongoing referral relationship with your clients!
As a REALTOR®, you simply don’t have time to keep up with home interior and staging design, sourcing staging items and tracking your inventory.
Let us help you continue to give added value to your clients by providing monthly content that will be sure to keep your customers engaged!
Partner with Style to Design to be your one-stop shop for all staging and design needs. Style to Design is the PLAYBOOK to beat your competition!

Brand Matters. KW Style to Design has created the marketing for you, so this will attract future clients. The key to this program’s success is consistently delivering your strong value proposition by being partnered with KW Style to Design. MARKETING ALWAYS precedes SALES. Our marketing materials will give you exposure to gain business.

Seller Fact: One key point to share with your seller is, “The investment in Staging is usually less than a price reduction or a lower starting price.” And Staging is a tax write deduction (IRS Publication 523), and a price reduction or lower starting price is a loss of equity.

NAR® surveys said that staging/styling is the only service in preparing the house for sale that brings measurable value.

According to the National Association of Realtors:

  • 85% of staged homes sold for 5 to 23% over their listing price
  • 22% of sellers’ agents reported an average 6% increase in selling price for homes that had staged versus homes that were not.
  • Home staging brings in an 8-10% return on investment.
  • A staged home spends 73% less time on the market than a non-staged home.
  • 81% of homebuyers say that a staged home makes it easier for them to sell their home.
  • Staging a home on the market increases the sale price on average anywhere from 1-
    10%, according to 50% of home real estate agents.
  • 47% of buyers’ agents cited that home staging positively affects the home buying
  • 96% of realtors believe that home staging positively influences a buyer’s decision.
  • 31% of buyers claimed staging their home increased their offer on a home.
  • Home staging can sell your home 3-30% times faster.

Make More Money for your sellers

Earn more commission

Gain more listings

Create a stronger Seller & Buyer value proposition

Earn more referral business by your unique sservices

Style to DESIGN

is here to help you grow your business!

Buyer Value Proposition partnered with Style to Design

When joining the Style to Design community, you will have access to hundreds of Design boards with click-through links and marketing material to promote your staging and design services. You have the opportunity to use these boards and marketing materials in many different ways.
  • First, allow your buyers to shop from the design boards to help them furnish their newhome, and this is a value-added service.
  • Second, you can earn additional profit by charging your customers for the design boards.Designers’ average design fee per room design is $550; you can determine what price youwant to set. You can charge more for Luxury design boards
  • Fourth, assist investors with furnishing their properties through our easy-to-use, affordable design boards. You can give the design board links to the investor as a value added service or earn a profit (see above formula for profit). You decide!
  • Fifth, Style to Design has provided you will 100+ templates for marketing style and design services from Listing Inserts, social media templates, before/after pictures and engagement stories, etc… We will teach you how to use these templates through our monthly masterminds to help create a buzz in your business.
  • Third, you can assist them with the design process by partnering with Style to Design (virtual design consultants available). The average mark-up is 150% to manage the project through installation.

Example: Buyer uses Style to Design to furnish new home through design boards click-through links, you assist with installation and set up. The average cost to furnish main living areas and main bedrooms in an average-sized home using the non-luxury design boards is $15,000, and Luxury is $25,000.

$15,000 x 150% market up ($22,500 Realtor Profit)
= $37,500 – cost to the buyer for designed home through Style to Design

$25,000 x 150% mark up ($37,500 Realtor Profit)
= $62,500 – cost to the buyer for designed home through Style to Design


1. Is staging only for luxury properties?

No, staging is for all price points. With only 30 seconds to impress your client, let us teach you our proven steps. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money to give a great first impression!

2. Why is it important to stage homes?

Your listings are your resume for future business and referrals. Every listing should attract minimally three (3) buyers. Staging has been proven to get more listing appointments and the seller, on average, a 6% higher sales price!

3. What is the average cost of staging a home?

Staging can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. We will show you how to streamline your cost.

4. Who usually pays the staging cost?

This depends on your goals and how you deliver your value proposition. You can charge the entire amount to the client, contribute a partial cost amount or cover the entire cost.

5. Is staging time-consuming?

Not anymore, Style to Design has the leverage you need to streamline any project, whether its staging a home to sell or helping buyers with furnishing their new home.

6. What if the furniture I want to order is out of stock?

We understand that this can be frustrating. Unfortunately, we don’t control inventory, so we launch ten new designs weekly. You can also go through the design boards and see if you see anything similar to the item you love and purchase from that click-through link. 

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