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Style to Design provides staging and design services to individuals who want to level-up their business when working with buyers, sellers, investors, and builders. Our goal is to help you create a unique value proposition in your business by leveraging our designs, technology, education, and training services. Let us teach you how to sell listings quicker and for top dollar utilizing Style to Design’s state of the art technology tools, Home Reality Staging and Home Reality Renovations. Differentiate your business model by offering included design services on every listing.

Did you know that staged homes sell on average 6%-13% more than marketed competition? Leverage Style to Design to understand and share the latest home design trends with 100s of designs available to members. Learn how you can stage homes, source staging items, track inventory, and simulate staging and renovation so clients can envision the full potential of every home.









Why Partner with Style to Design

Staging and Design are essential marketing differentiators when it comes to selling homes. The homes you design and stage are your resume for future business. Do your properties represent the future business you want to attract?

Increase Your Offerings:
Style to Design's systems are proven and ready to be utilized today. Unlock your resource for all things Home Styling and Design - 100s of design boards, member education and trainings, marketing materials, PLUS Reality Staging and Renovation services.

Marketing Matters:
We give you the easy button when it comes to marketing! Utilize Style to Design marketing resources to consistently deliver your new value proposition as a Styling and Design expert. New marketing resources are delivered to members weekly.

Learn and Share:
Get educated on talking points and key facts to share with clients as they're thinking about their next move. Did you know? "The investment in Staging is usually less than a price reduction or a lower starting price," and staging is a tax write deduction (IRS Publication 523). A price reduction or lower starting price is a loss of equity.

I am a big fan of Style to Design. It's amazing all of the resources that you're providing. I'm doing a renovation project right now with a seller client and even the vendors are asking me what software I'm using to make the designs! I told them my in-house design team put these together! My LLC is filed and now just need to figure out the next plan of action to maximize my business.. ”

Jessica Maddern

We just had our first stage using all Design Boards from Style to Design. The buyer wants to buy all of the furniture!

Jen Peters, Keller Williams

We are consistently selling homes at 6% instead of the before 2.5%!

Jen Peters, Keller Williams

I am knocking out the 30-60-90 day plan, currently working with lawyers to make sure our contracts are appropriate for our area, and in the process of getting my LLC for my staging business!

Jessica Maddern, Keller Williams

At Malouff International Group, we came up with a solid system that is set to generate six figures just by leveraging Style to Design!

Josue Martin, Keller Williams

We are so excited to partner with you guys! We have already won a couple of listings because of the amazing value proposition

Britt Sarver, Keller Williams

Thanks for the great Mastermind last week. I left very inspired!”

Alicia Stoughton, Keller Williams

I attended the Orientation yesterday and believe I won a listing today because of the added bonus of my NEW Design Team! I downloaded the listing inserts and even brought up some Design Boards and got the listing!

Bryan Coward, Keller Williams

Style to Design does it again! Our latest staging install hit the market and had showings with a full-price offer within 8 hours! Thank you to this amazing community for all you do! It makes a difference to us and to our clients! I am grateful for you all

Jessica Maddern, Keller Williams

I am a big fan of Style to Design. It's amazing all of the resources that you're providing. I'm doing a renovation project right now with a seller client, and even the vendors are asking me what software I'm using to make the designs! I told them my in-house design team put these together!

Jessica Maddern, Keller Williams

The number of resources, tools, and integrations of high-level rendering work optimized for accessibility and user-friendly adjustment is spectacular. The way you have structured the system reveals that this is more than simply an additional option or resource for our clients. It positions us as stand out experts giving them more reason to trust us as their industry professional who has the tools, knowledge, and skills. Style to Design is the catalyst of growth that will give us a value proposition that is literally priceless.

The Coffey Group, Keller Williams

#TheStyleRev is officially launched! And we presented today at our Market Center. It was amazing!! Great engagement, good questions - we had answers! We have so much interest and are swamped in opportunity! Thank you, Style to Design team, you all are our inspiration!

Francesca Spotts, Keller Williams

I am loving this group so much and learning so much that is helping me better serve my clients and my business.

Tracy Ellett, Keller Williams

Increase in Sales Price

NAR® surveys said that staging/styling is the only service in preparing the house for sale that brings measurable value.

According to the National Association of Realtors:

Imagine if design services can be offered within Real Estate Transactions nationwide. This can now happen with REALITY STAGING!

*All images are formulated in MLS Format.


**Each MLS board maintains its own unique set of regulations and guidelines concerning the use of renderings for property fixtures. Prior to distributing your Reality Renovation and Reality Staging images, it is advisable to consult your MLS provider to ensure compliance with their specific requirements.**

Style to Design Featured Designers must include products and materials that can be shipped nationwide. Featured Designers must also have the ability to curate product affiliate links.

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